Drupal Senior Developer


We are looking for a colleague to join us at international conferences and events and to help us provide outstanding services. Beyond the experience, we want to see the availability to learn and grow in a dynamic environment. In return, we will offer the opportunity to get certifications and advancements, salary increases, attendance of international conferences and events, and more.


This position is remote.



  • positive attitude 
  • the ability to learn/assimilate new information
  • the desire to advance professionally
  • attention to detail
  • the ability to carry out a project and deliver it on time 


Job description:

  • develops web applications with Drupal
  • develops and maintains reusable PHP code according to industry quality and security standards as well as those specific to the company
  • analyze and optimize code developed by both yourself and less experienced programmers
  • actively participates in the design and analysis of web applications/design sessions
  • complements internal documents and CRM systems and quality control
  • it uses services and APIs that it integrates into projects
  • contributes to the activities of the Drupal technology community - Open source
  • reports the status of the project in the internal workflow management platform
  • constantly studying and proposing new solutions in her or his projects


Required technical skills:

  • Solid knowledge of web development tools and methodologies
  • Solid knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 (including frameworks and tools like Bootstrap, CSS preprocessors, etc.)
  • Fundamental concepts of the Web including the principles of web services such as REST/JSON
  • Working with tools like GIT (Gihub, Gitlab), Code sniffers, Code Debuggers
  • Personal work environment configuration (apache, mySQL, PHP)
  • At least one database query language (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, etc.)
  • Working with operating systems such as MacOS or Linux
  • Problem solving skills


Experience & education:

  • Graduate (preferably in the IT field)
  • 3+ years of experience in the PHP OOP / Drupal  technology stack 
  • At least 3 years proven by project examples or other professional achievements
  • Certifications in the field are considered an advantage




PHP Senior Developer