Softescu : Happy 10 years of development

by editor | 20.02.2018

Softescu : Happy 10 years of development

In 2018, at Softescu we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Officially, we are 10 years old!

After years of hard work and constant growth, this is a great opportunity to remember all the years that have passed, watch back for a second, find the downfalls and the successes, and ensure that we will continue the growth and the development.



How do 10 years in stats look like? Like thousands of development hours, dozens of projects and lots of Drupal events either attended or supported. To sum it up, at the last count we were having almost 132,000 billable hours spent, more than 26,000 tasks and 311 projects.


Not bad, huh?


Our team grew from 4 people at the very beginning, to 35 colleagues and counting. On this occasion, Softescu would like to thank everyone in our team, past and present collaborators that have helped us deliver these result and grow.


With each project, new challenges appear, encouraging us to grow and to develop our knowledge. as well as our skills. Our clients belong to all fields of activity and are Top Fortune 500 companies from US, Europe, and Japan. Fantastic clients and projects lead to the development company that Softescu is today, and we would like to thank them for their trust.



From the very beginning, Softescu fully embraced the OpenSource technology and its values. Drupal came as a great technology to work, a great community and constant growth opportunities. We’ve started with Drupal 6. Now the majority of our projects are rolling on Drupal 8. As time passed, we have diversified our palette of services with mobile apps, e-commerce with Magento and, our personal favorite, Angular & NodeJS. These services allow us to offer comprehensive solutions to all types of enterprise-oriented applications.


For more info on the type of work offered by Softescu, check out our Services page.



Along the years, Softescu understood the importance of community and contributions in the OpenSource world. In the Drupal community, we have contributed to a series of modules or fixes, helping to extend the Drupal ecosystem. Also, we have a variety of supported projects, such as PDF Preview ImageImport Medium ArticlesRegEx Field ValidationFile System Switch, or Activity.


We love being an active member and contributor to as many events as possible. So far, we have been sponsor for 8 DrupalCons and dozens of DrupalCamps. In 2018, we will sponsor DrupalCon Nashville, and various DrupalCamps such as DrupalCamp London 2018NGVikingsNERD Summit 2018, Drupal Camp Utah 2018, or Frontend United.


A special moment for us in 2018 is Drupal HackCamp, a Drupal event focused on hot topics such as Security, Privacy, GDPR and Authentication that takes place in Bucharest, in June 2018. Softescu is among the main sponsors. You are all invited to join us for this special event.


For more info, check out the Drupal HackCamp’s official website.



Softescu has the most extensive team of Acquia Certified Developers in Romania. A young, proactive and a great working environment, all these make Softescu one of the top tech employers in our hometown, if not in Romania. With almost 10 years of experience in web development, we keep ourselves agile by constant learning the best practices in our field. Our teams don't pretend to know it all, but you can be sure that Softescu knows Drupal. Dedicated Project Managers, Drupal developers (on frontend, backend and site building), Angular specialists, they all collaborate to deliver valuable end-products.

With an AGILE workflow, all our clients have full access to the state of their projects, as well as on the hours spent on doing specific tasks and value is provided at the end of each sprint.



Softescu is not a men-only company and there is no intention to become such a thing. We are really proud of our professional female programmers that can face all the challenges, at the same level of quality and professionalism as their male colleagues, if not better.

Some of them are Acquia certified Drupal Developers, and others are in key positions. In stats, our team is comprised of 60% women in the creative department, 25% women overall, 20% women in development, and 30% women in the project management. In the next years, our mission is to encourage more and more female programmers to either choose a career in IT or to join us.



At the beginning, we were coding in an office, located in an IT-focused park on the outskirts of Bacau. As days went by and the team became bigger, we saw the need for a new space, closer to the city center.

At the end of 2014, we have decided to move in the downtown of Bacau city, in a more modern space, custom designed for the needs of a programming team. We have started with a smaller office, that compensated the space with ingenuity, relaxation space, and a lot of interesting elements of design. By the end of 2016, we have doubled in space and team members.

Then, by the end of 2017, we started working on a third location that would triple our working space. Besides the working spaces, the office includes two conference rooms, a game room with Fussball, darts and retro video games, a fully-functional kitchen, and an outdoor lounge. Did we mention that we have three fridges that are always full of different types of soda, beer, and cider? All for the comfort and well-being of our team members.

All the design elements have been specially created to fit Softescu’s visual identity, bringing to life the idea of custom features that we apply in the development of almost all of our projects.



While we don’t have a magic crystal ball, we can predict some of our future steps.

In 2018 we will make the official “launch” of the third room. Also, we are planning a series of events to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Our team members will continue to attend events worldwide, and here we would mention DrupalCamp London, NgVikings (an Angular event this time), DrupalCon Nashville 2018 and Frontend United. Most importantly, a great part of our team will be involved in the organization of Drupal HackCamp 2018, an event to which you are all invited!

In the next period of time, we will continue to be as active as possible in the Drupal community, be that in terms of events or in terms of active development contributions.

Then, in the next years, Softescu will diversify the list of technologies used. While Drupal will remain our first-love, our developers are constantly looking for the best solutions for any type of project.

In terms of development, we are engaged in a quest for the most appropriate digital solutions. AGILE and continuous integration will remain at the core of our integration pipeline, ensuring full transparency and automation to the development cycle.

We will continue to be a key player in the local tech community, encouraging more and more people to adopt a career in tech and development.


Thanks for following us all these years and happy 10th anniversary, Softescu!

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