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8 great modules to try in Drupal 8

by editor | 12.01.2016


Drupal 8 was one of the most expected CMS of 2015. From the moment Dries announced his intentions to develop D8, we have long waited for the moment when we'd be able to check it out. Drupal is all about number 8, so here are eight really cool Drupal modules that will make your life easier. We’ve tested them, part in Drupal 7 and then in Drupal 8, part only in D8. As we test more modules and functionalities, we will keep you informed on the progress we've made. 


The Admin Toolbar

A way easier to use administration menu. This may not seem as much, but this drop-down Admin Menu makes admin’s life easier.  It’s easy to install and does not consume lots of resources. Trust us that it will spare a lot of time.


A Spider Slap

Everyone hates digital spiders. Why? Because these evils of the WWW can load your server with uncover information. This Spider Slap module is like a superhero of your website. It solves this spider problem by blocking the IP whenever a spiderling is not behaving or manages to pass the robots.txt file.


Database email encryption

Another Drupal module that takes care of both user’s and dev’s everyday email problems. Studies have shown that users are rather reticent when it comes to sharing personal data as email address or social media accounts. They fear spam emails or further problems such as cyber-attacks. Long-gone this problem due to this new Drupal 8 Database email encryption module. As the name describes, this module encrypts the addresses in the site’s databases and makes it impossible to be read in the case of a malware.


D8 Login history

Drupal is not creating a login archive, but with this login history module, it will do it. After installing the Login History module, you will have an archive with a complete history of all individual logins.


Scheduled maintenance

This is a module we got to use several times in Drupal 7 and it has his comeback with Drupal 8. We haven't seen much difference from the D7 variant, but it's always good to have it. For those who have never used it, with this scheduled maintenance module, you can inform your users about a scheduled maintenance in a previously set time array.


Automatic Sitemap generation module

Good news for all the D8 SEO enthusiasts. Building a sitemap has never been so easy. Since D6, this module was constantly changed and developed and now it’s part of D8. Did you know that Drupal also generates the RSS feeds? Yes, folks!


Taxonomy unique

Goodbye, duplicates! Another useful SEO module, the Taxonomy unique module prohibits saving a taxonomy term when a term with the same name exists in the same vocabulary. We’ve used a similar module (dupecheck) for previous Drupal 7 projects. Now we have tested it for D8 and it seems to be working just fine.


W3C Validator

Maybe I’m an SEO fan, but this is by far my favorite module. This w3c validator checks all pages and nodes, generates a report and tells the user if the HTML formatting is correct and will get the most out of your content. NB. You may want to use this module for large websites, but it may still work for smaller websites (to be tested).

Hope you've found these modules helpful. Check them out, share your favorite one, or the ones you've had problems with, maybe we can help. One thing is sure: stay tuned for even more D8 knowledge! 

8 great modules to try in Drupal 8
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