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Hire Top Tech Teams

Global teams for global ambitions

We provide remote and on-premise developers suitable for your needs. Our developers are spawned across different time zones.

Detailed performance metrics

Do not spend time monitoring individual talent. Our technologies cover individual reports such as timesheets, code specific metrics for developers. We provide monthly stats as well as on request. We use JIRA as well as customer-specific platforms for monitoring. In case you do not have a project management stack, we can provide one for free. 

Talent as a Service

Outline your ideal team based on your technical needs, you can search our existing talent database or help us source you with dedicated talent.

Hire talent on top technologies

Our experts cover technologies across a wide specter of technologies. In case we do not have a suitable candidate, we can recruit one through our network in as little as 3 weeks.

Continuous personal development

Based on regular performance reviews, we provide our talents with continous personal development. We make sure that their expertise is up to date, they get regular feedback and new training opportunities as well as access to latest certifications.

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