Diversey New website for a large corporation

A leader in cleaning and hygiene products, with a history of nearly 100 years and 11,000+ employees.

As an international company with 200+ products and thousands of customers, Diversey needed a multilingual website that was flexible and scalable. Our role was to make it easy to manage these brands from one system.


Managing a number of brands

Diversey’s portfolio of brands includes Endusts, Dove, Snuggle, and more. Our challenge was to come up with a design that would be simple and accessible to Diversey’s customers. It had to be flexible, lightweight and optimized for search engines.




  • Design: The design of Diversey’s microsites was made to fit each of their brand’s unique content and visual identity. We chose fonts that were open, neutral, and friendly, then optimized them for legibility across print, web, and mobile.


  • Layout: Diversey wanted a layout that makes sense for mobile-first consumers, so we built the site to fit any screen size at all resolutions, reaching a wider audience.


  • Content: Drupal’s modular structure is perfect for handling layers of content. The goal was to save time and money when making changes in the site’s brands, features, or design. Diversey’s editors get an easy-to-use, visual set of tools for layout, workflow, previews, and managing images, videos, and more.


  • Language Support: The site covers English, along with French and Spanish. In future versions, content will be translated into more languages, reaching more audiences.


  • Custom Features: For a better customer experience, we added a wishlist and Solution Center page. The Solution Center lets users filter products by their use. We created an interactive plan of a room instead of a typical filter. Another is the Rebates feature that.



Industry: Chemicals, Hygiene, Sanitization
Products: Cleaning, food safety, business-to-business products and services
Headquarters: Charlotte, NC
Employees: 11,000+
Project Toolkit: Drupal, Bootstrap
Website: diverseybrands.com