Ergio Prod Internet of Things meets manufacturing

A Romanian timber house factory. Softescu created an innovative tool used to stock all the production metrics and costs to improve the management process.

Ergio Prod is a Romanian timber house factory. Our goal was to create a set of tools to empower Ergio Prod’s managers with real-time data about each project’s status and production costs.


Finding workarounds for factory workers

Because of the hands-on nature of the work, Ergio Prod’s factory workers could not use a mouse or keyboard to interact with the system. So our team integrated fixed and portable QR scanners with barcode-based mechanism for user authentication and data manipulation, reducing the time and technical knowledge for users to get started.


Empowering managers with real-time data

We used Raspberry PI devices to track all the production processes of the factory to measure the output and the costs of each product by efficiency, human resources, and materials. The factory’s efficiency grew 30% within 1 year of implementation.


  • Internet of Things: For this project, we connected stages of the manufacturing process with Internet of Things (IoT) devices that output content and store information from a Drupal backend.


  • Analytics & Reporting: This system collects and computes metrics like time spent by a worker on a task and the amount of wood that a worker or a machine processes - insights and analytics that managers can review in reports.


  • Custom Features: The warehouse management module was designed to let users manage the material acquisition for the factory and prepare the required materials for production.


Ergio Prod


Industry: Timber House Production
Headquarter: Comanesti, Romania
Project Toolkit: Raspberry PI, Drupal, QR code & barcodes