WOLF Imobiliare Site for a competitive real estate startup

A Romanian real estate startup that started building apartments for young families all across Sibiu. Named one of Europe’s top 10 most idyllic cities, Sibiu’s housing market is getting more competitive as more people flock to this city.

Wolf Real Estate came to us with an ambitious idea for a beautiful website that would attract visitors in a growing market. The site must be easy to update as more apartments are added to their portfolio.


Setting our client up for success

Since the website’s launch, visitor traffic increased with a rate of 200%  and sales have jumped 70%.



  • Design: Inspired by the look of WOLF’s apartments, our designers created a new logo and visual identity. That grew into a website template that combined the apartments’ brand with a great user experience.


  • Layout: Our marketers discovered that the target audience will likely use a tablet or smartphone to look for apartments. Hence, the website was designed to be responsive and accessible from a variety of devices.


  • Language Support: Sibiu is a cosmopolitan city, so our developers saw the need for a multilingual site where customers could browse for apartments in their native languages (Romanian, English, and German).


  • Digital Marketing & SEO: After the implementation of the website, our digital marketing team created a custom AdWords campaign and social media presence to drive traffic to the site. A blog was added to increase the website’s ranking, and targeted content is added every week as a way to reach potential customers.


Romanian real estate startup


Industry: Real Estate
Headquarter: Sibiu, Romania
Project Toolkit: Drupal, Bootstrap, AdWords
Website: wolfimobiliare.ro