PHP Senior Developer

Softescu is expecting you to engage in diverse projects for customers in over 10 countries. Together with us, you have the opportunity to work with the world's largest IT professionals and FORTUNE 500 companies.

This position is REMOTE.


General requirements for anyone wishing to work in our digital workshop:

  • a positive and optimistic attitude,
  • knowledge of English,
  • capacity and desire for lifelong learning,
  • attention to detail,
  • we encourage any initiative to innovation and optimization.



  • Strong PHP knowledge - object-oriented programming
  • Solid knowledge in using a PHP framework such as Symfony, Laravel
  • Knowledge of using PHP dependency management applications such as Composer
  • Knowledge of MVC application design principles
  • Solid HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 knowledge
  • Knowledge about the security and accessibility of information in web projects
  • Understands the design principles of a scalable web application
  • Uses programming techniques
  • Authentication of users and authorization between different web systems
  • Integration with different database management systems (as well as SQL knowledge): MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Familiar with PHP limitations and the solutions to resolve them
  • Effective in using source code versioning tools such as GIT
  • Capable of writing JavaScript code without using a framework like Jquery
  • Experience in developing responsive web sites
  • Knowledge of using PHP-specific extensions / debugging tools (Xdebug, Kint) as well as browser-connected (Firebug, Chrome Inspector, etc.)
  • Ability to understand and develop CSS code
  • Understanding the basic concepts and terminology in the Web (how to store and transmit information on the Internet, clients, servers, websites, communication protocols, information security, etc.)



  • Develops and maintains reusable PHP code according to the industry’s specific quality and security standards, but also to the internal ones. 
  • Analyzes and optimizes the code developed by both the person and the less experienced programmers,
  • It is actively involved in designing and analyzing web applications,
  • Develops innovative code, complete applications/modules and collaborates with members of other teams involved in a project (design, quality),
  • Uses services and APIs that they integrate into projects,
  • Contributes to the Open Source community,
  • Participates in internal training.


Experience & education:

  • Graduate (preferably in the  IT field)
  • At least 3 years proven by project examples or other professional achievements
  • Certifications in the field are considered an advantage
  • Solid knowledge of PHP OOP
  • Knowledge in working with HTML5 and CSS3 (including Bootstrap3 & 4), REST/JSON, Git, Code Sniffers, Code Debuggers
  • Ability to configure own local development environment (Apache, mySQL, PHP)
  • Ability to work with MacOS/Linux
  • Problem Solving skills.



  • training soft & hard skills with the possibility of certification,
  • exposure to a diverse, international work environment,
  • motivating salary,
  • private medical insurance & medical services package,
  • participation in international events,
  • modern working space with a relaxation space,
  • team building & personal development.


Positions available: multiple


Send us a resume at and join the Softescu team!