Adrian Pintilie, Managerul General, a fost membru în juriul unui concurs internațional organizat de European Comission DG Market.
Drupal Education Days 2015

We do not do much of Wordpress at Softescu. That's by choice rather than the market. However, from time to time friends asks us to do some rescue work for them. This time was a Wordpress messed by a different vendor.

We had to some heavy fixing on the SEO part that has wholly messed the online presence, nearly collapsing the very business. However, I do not want to focus on that instead on one significant difference I've noticed between Drupal and Wordpress. To be frank, I haven't looked at Wordpress site in 2-3 years so I might have all the details. While checking the delivery, I've looked at the installed modules on the Wordpress. One particular aspect that struck my interest was the larger number of modules that went from providing a simple functionality to a kind of "all-inclusive" one. This is a mess. I've noticed plugins doing changes that overlap with other modules. For example, you can add your Google Analytics code to the theme options, or the SEO module or the Google Analytics module. You can change the title sections in the SEO module (of course) but also in a tweaker module. And so on.

I think if one thing that the Drupal community still does well has modules that do one thing and that's it. Yes, we end up installing lots of modules (in some cases), but I would rather have that than look into a couple of modules that somehow, end up doing each part of the same work.

On a separate mode, I've noticed that many modules have a kind of iframe implementation and their UI is not integrated with the UI of Wordpress. You end up with a very messed Admin UI with about 4-5 different menus and the content size restricted into a corner. I wonder why's that also?

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