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Digital Transformation

We help you develop your digital transformation with our unique 2-steps process: Digital Transformation Workshop + Hackathon.

Usability & Accessibility

Our team of designers work closely with the project's stakeholders to understand the needs and requirements of the project. We run interviews with your target audience and create personas that will be the base of your customer journey.

Development & Engineering

With more than 10 years of experience, Softescu has become a leader in web development using the latest open-source technologies. Our core expertise is in Drupal, but we have developed numerous projects in Angular, Nodejs and Hyperledger. 

Decoupled Applications

We deliver modern web applications based on microservices. Leverage now web services to build new integrations among your systems and services or to upgrade your legacy systems to a modern UI through the use of a decoupled architecture. 

Digital Assets Management

We built digital assets management systems that manage more than 1,000,000 images or media files.

Enterprise Business Applications

With more than 10 year of experience, we delivered enterprise business applications to companies across the globe.

Web Content Management

Our organization provides customized web content management solutions through Drupal - a content management framework used by over 1 million websites worldwide and growing. More than half of our developers are Drupal certified and able to provide fast and efficient solutions to any enterprise content problems.

Managed Services & Support

We provide managed services for web operations, including site monitoring, site updates, sites maintenance, and user support.

Blockchain Services

By using blockchain technology such as Hyperledger Fabric, we help companies build the new generation of distributed databases.

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